XP 979 CRB
Mountain 2014

XP 979 CRB

Frame sizes

The recommended frame size is only approximate. Always consult your authorized Superior dealer to be absolutely certain you get the correct frame size.

Sizes17.5" (M)19" (L)
A/ Real seat tube length (mm)431482
B/ Effective top tube length (mm) 605626
C/ Seat tube angle (°)73°
D/ Head tube angle (°)71°
E/ Chainstay length (mm)439
G/ Head tube length (mm)100110
F/ Wheelbase (mm)10921113
BB shell size (mm)PF BB30 /73mm
Head tube size (mm)BC 1-1/8" *1.5" FSA NO.42/ACB
Seat post diameter (mm)31.6
Seat clamp diameter (mm)34.9
Front derailleur diameter (mm)Direct mount-E2 Type
Length fork (mm)503
BB depth55

Frame size: from the middle of BB shell to the end of seat tube