Many cyclists purchase a road bike as a second model to their mountain bike. Or they just don't want to invest large amounts of money in a carbon special. However, they expect that their bike will be really fast, comfortable and yet still lightweight. We can satisfy these demands too. The models of the SUPERIOR ROAD RACE series are built on the frames of the premium aluminium Alu X6 Ultralite alloy and utilize many of the advanced technologies of their carbon counterparts.

The aluminium ROAD RACE models off er an excellent ratio between weight, stiff ness and comfort, which is enhanced by the use of a carbon-fork absorbing shocks from terrain irregularities. Due to a compact crank-set with a wider range of gears you no longer have to worry about any ascents.

NEW IN 2015

  • New design of ONE components
  • High quality seats Selle Royal Seta Performa
  • Radial building of front wheels for lower weight, higher stiff ness and attractive appearance
  • Wider tires for better comfort, traction and aerodynami