Our bikes in the MODO category are designed for women who want to enjoy the time spent in nature on their bike, having fun with their friends. Our MODO models offer a mix a balanced qualities which make them the perfect match for all women looking for safe, easy to ride and, of course, stylish bikes with natural handling.

Superior MODO bikes ride briskly on asphalt surfaces and are reliable even in a more rugged terrain. They can easily be mounted and safely dismounted at any time... Allow us to introduce our MODO collection, specially designed by women for women.

NEW IN 2015

  • A brand-new attractive design
  • The new generation of frames with DynamicTubeShaping technology for better comfort
  • SmoothWelding seams for a clean look and longer life (800 series)
  • High-quality Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with lowmaintenance (800 series)
  • Reliable Shimano hubs (800 series)
  • No 26" wheels - large wheels even for the 700 series
  • New design of ONE Sport components