In Superior we only develop ideas that we fully fall for. It’s not our mission, it’s our character: we don’t want to be average, we aim to be superior! Thanks to close cooperation with world-class riders and their mechanics from Superior XC Team the designing process of our bikes is supported by their invaluable feedback. Superior full-suspension mountain bikes are fast and super light racing machines. Designed to flow over rough terrain, to save your priceless energy while going uphill and to let you rest during downhills. When every second count, the rear suspension improves traction, while precise steering allows you to follow the line you chose. Highly optimized components together with progressive geometry comprise a perfect cross country bike with hardly any need for upgrades. Apart from 100-mm travel XC race bikes and marathon winner you can choose a purely hedonistic 130-mm trail bike! And this is only because we don’t want you to be average. Dare to be superior!


Extended warranty

Starting with the collection 2020, SUPERIOR offers free extended 5-year warranty on bicycle frames.

The extended frame warranty applies only for frames in the 2020 collection and onwards.

Extended warranty