To see you

Superior hardtail mountain bikes emerged from two priorities: lightness and simplicity. No frills! Just a frame and fork, two wheels and gears. Ready to cooperate with your legs and body and instantly respond to your commands. Stiff and easy to handle it is ready to go wherever you wish to get. Prepared to win only if you are ready yourself. Challenge it and challenge yourself - go outside and be faster than the day before! Push it to its limits, climb and jump over the obstacles. Once you try it, you’ll love roots and rocks, and it will easily carry you up and down, from dawn to dusk. The purest mountain biking idea dressed in the most reliable components. Nothing to add. Just go and win!


Extended warranty

Starting with the collection 2020, SUPERIOR offers free extended 5-year warranty on bicycle frames.

The extended frame warranty applies only for frames in the 2020 collection and onwards.

Extended warranty